We're a welcoming, LGBTQ+ affirming, faith community. 



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If you are looking for a place to belong,
If you want to be loved, and be challenged,
If you want to grow in trusting God,
We invite you to "come and see".

No matter who you are                                    
or where you are on life's journey
                      you are welcome here!

Let's see what we can do together in West Seattle.


Admiral Church mourns the deaths of the countless Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian people who have been murdered by white supremacy (in all its myriad forms) in the United States. We stand with those who seek to turn the tide in our nation and world toward true justice and enduring peace.

We pray and work for the day when all will live as true siblings, respecting and honoring one another as Children of God.

We offer several opportunities to grow in our antiracist practice.  As a predominantly white congregation in a predominantly white neighborhood, we know that the most important thing we can do is grow our antiracist practices and advocate antiracist thought and action in our community.

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