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Though in-person church activities (with rare exceptions) have been suspended for the foreseeable future, you'll find online oppportunities among the notices below,  as well as under the MEDIA tab above.

Fourth Thursdays from 3-4pm
Free Lecture and Q&A with Deep Thinkers


June 24 Topic:
What is A Queer Theology?

Click on the logo above for more information on this as well as past and upcoming topics in this series.


Special Bible Study Series for Pride
Homosexuality and the Bible, by Walter Wink


In this two-part series, we will explore what the Bible does and does not say about LGBTQIA identities using materials created by noted New Testament scholar Walter Wink.

Registration is limited to 10 participants 

Session 1: June 16, 12-1pm

(pre-read up to "The Problem of Authority")

Session 2: June 23, 12-1pm
(pre-read "The Problem of Authority" to the end)

​​​​​​​contact pastorandrew@admiralchurch.org to register

Year-Long Study For Anti-Racist Growth


UpRooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice by Paul Kivel

Requires pre-registration

Track A: Individual Introspection- SESSIONS FULL

-Monthly facilitated meetings

-Focus on personal understanding of race/privilege and white racial identity

-Goal: develop a healthy white racial identity that resists white supremacy

Track B: Organization Analysis

-Quarterly facilitated meetings with group-specific breakouts

-Focus on assessing the practices and structure of your organization in light of white supremacy culture

-Goal: equip org. members to advocate for anti-racist reforms within their organization

We are creating a learning community in North Admiral that can deepen relationships enough to ask tough questions and commit to meaningful actions for justice and mercy.

Tell All Tuesdays

First Tuesdays, 7:00PM
at the Fellowship Hall Zoom link

Are you interested in getting to know your fellow Admiral friends better?

Are you hungry for meaningful conversations and authentic relationships?

Pastor Andrew will lead this lively and interactive hour.

July 6: "Would proof of life on other worlds change how you feel about God? about Jesus?"
(World UFO Day is the previous Friday)


Third Tuesdays, 7:00PM
at the Fellowship Hall Zoom link

Come dressed in the monthly theme to be eligible for a cool prize!

May 18: “May Flowers”
June 15: "Summer picnic"
July 20: "Red-White-and-Blue”

See you all there! BINGO!

If you've played before, you know how easy and fun it is! 
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Fifth Tuesdays Book Studies
June 29th on ZOOM



Special Guest Lecture
July 12th on ZOOM

Paul Kivel
on White Anti-Racism Today

Sponsored by the Racial Justice Coordinating Committee of Admiral Church.


This lecture and Q&A is open to the public, and will be especially relevant to the folx participating in Tracks A and B of Admiral's Uprooting Racism Year-Long Study


Paul's personal mission is "to use my teaching, mentoring, writing, and activism to provide a wide variety of accessible educational and training opportunities and materials in different media, languages, and formats that help provide people with a vocabulary, a framework, and critical thinking skills to increase their capacity for being active in struggles for social justice. In particular my work will support grassroots community struggles for social justice by addressing, educating, challenging, and channeling resources from allies and mainstream communities and will support the leadership of women, men and women of color, people of low-income, and people from other marginalized groups, particularly young people." (from www.paulkivel.com)